Participants in the EU Food Policy Coalition work towards policy integration and alignment at the EU-level to facilitate the transition to sustainable food systems. The Coalition provides the debating space to discuss policies and, sometimes, carry out joint activities.

Here below the list of the outputs that have emerged from this working space and made public. Please note that all outputs are endorsed by signing organisations only. They do not necessarily represent the positions of all participants in the Coalition.

  • SEPTEMBER 2020:  Policy brief on raising the ambition on global aspects of the EU Farm to Fork strategy.

Signed by: Action Aid, Act Alliance, CIDSE, Compassion in World Farming, EEB, Eurogroup for Animals, Fair Trade Advocacy Office, Friends of the Earth, Four Paws, IATP, Oxfam, Slow Food, Urgenci.

  • JULY 2020: NGOs open letter on tackling food waste in the Farm to Fork Strategy.

Signed by: BirdLIfe Europe and Central Asia, Ecologic Institute, European Community of Consumer Cooperatives, European Environmental Bureau, Feedback, Health Care Without Harm Europe, Safe Food Advocacy Europe (SAFE), Slow Food, WWF- European Policy Office, Zero Waste Europe

  • APRIL 2020: CSOs open letter on the importance and urgency of publishing the Farm to Fork strategy: no further delays, keep April 2020 as publication date.

Signed by: Action Aid, Act Alliance, Agroecology Europe, Arc2020, Arche Noah, BEUC, BirdLife International, Client Earth, Corporate Europe, Compassion in World Farming, Die Agronauten, ECVC, EEB, EFFAT, EPHA, Eurocoop, Eurogroup for Animals, Euronature, Fair Trade Advocacy Office, Feedback, Four Paws, Friends of the Earth, Food and Water Action Europe, Greenpeace, Health Care Without Harm, Heal, IFOAM, LIFE Platform, Mighty Earth, OSEPI, PAN Europe, SAFE, Seas At Risk, Slow Food, Transitie Coalitie Voedsel, Unesco Chair in World Food Systems, Urgenci, WWF Europe and Zero Waste Europe.

  • FEBRUARY 2020: Call for less and better meat, dairy and eggs in the Farm to Fork Strategy

Signed by: FoEE; ARC 2020; Food & Water Action Europe; ECVC; Feedback; EPHA; HCWH; CiWF; EEB; Slow Food EU; BirdLife Europe; Urgenci; EuroNatur; SAFE; Greenpeace Europe; VIER PFOTEN EU; IATP; WWF EU; ActionAid International; Eurogroup for Animals.

  • DECEMBER 2019: Joint letter on the Farm To Fork strategy

Signed by: Act Alliance EU, Action Aid International, ARC 2020, BEUC, CEO, EEB, ECVC, CiWF, EPHA, EuroCoop, EFFAT, Ernährungs Demokratie Jetzt, Eurogroup for Animals, Feedback, FoEE, Food & Water Action Europe, Four Paws, Greenpeace, HCWH, HEAL, IATP, IFOAM EU, Landwirtschaft mit Zukunft, OSEPI, PAN Europe, SAFE, Slow Food EU, Wetlands International, WWF EU, Zero Waste Europe.

  • JULY 2019: Joint letter to the newly elected President of the European Commission Ms. Ursula von der Leyen, calling for an integrated EU food policy and a new European Commission Vice-President responsible for ensuring the transition to sustainable food systems.

Signed by: Act Alliance EU, Agroecology in Action, Action Aid International, ARC 2020, Arche Noah, CEO, CNCD, EEB, ECVC, CiWF, Die Agronauten, EPHA, EuroCoop, Ernährungs Demokratie Jetzt, EuroHealthNet, EuroNatur, Fair Trade Advocacy, Feedback, FoEE, Food Watch int, Global Health Advocates, Greenpeace, HCWH, HEAL, Humaine Society International EU, IATP, IFOAM EU, IPES Food, Low impact fishers of Europe, PAN Europe, SAFE, Slow Food EU, Unesco Chair in World Food systems, Voedsel Anders, Zero Waste Europe.